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Technology Licensing &

Intellectual Property Strategy

General Intellectual Property

Technology Licensing & Contracts

Technology is everywhere. From IT services to embedded firmware, custom software development to specialized application installation, technology companies strive to bring their products and services to market and companies across the spectrum of industries employ those products and services to increase efficiency and achieve business goals. Prior to practicing law Doug Panzer was a lead software/e-commerce developer working on projects across North America, both from the technical implementation side and the business/technology liaison side. These first-hand experiences from the technical, business and legal perspectives benefit clients - whether tech buyers or sellers - with the most efficient drafting, review and negotiation possible for technology (hardware or software) related agreements.

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Intellectual Property Strategy

Skillful and creative planning and implementation of an intellectual property strategy can provide companies of all sizes with competitive advantage, protection from litigation, leverage in negotiations and investor/owner asset value. Every company's needs will be different in this regard but these benefits remain the same.

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General Intellectual Property Services

In addition to the specialized services above, there are numerous general IP issues that a company or individual faces every day. Whether registering copyrights, establishing and supervising trade secret policies for employees or analyzing the risk of new lines of business, general IP services provide daily guidance to your business in order to help you reduce risk, increase corporate valuation and smoothly execute tasks leading to the achievement of business goals.

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